Welcome to Healing Rooms Liverpool

Welcome. We are a group of Christians that have come from different local churches and denominations who have a heart to see healing both of the people and the land. We have completed the required training of the International Association of Healing Rooms and are now a fully registered Healing Rooms where anyone, irrespective of faith, can come and receive prayer for all kinds of physical, emotional or spiritual healing through the name of Jesus Christ, in a safe, caring and confidential environment.

Please note that we are unable to provide a counselling service.

Each person will receive prayer from a team of two or three people who will briefly discuss what you need prayer for, before praying with you. Each prayer session lasts approximately 20-30 minutes. We operate on a first come, first served basis, although priority will be given to those in pain, or those with small children.

This service is free and no appointment is necessary.

While some people will receive healing immediately, others find that their symptoms improve gradually, sometimes after further prayer. Please feel free to return for prayer at any time. After your visit we would encourage you to read some Bible verses relating to healing and these are available for you to take away with you. Telling others about answers to prayer can be very encouraging. Please consider filling out a brief confidential testimony sheet with your story of healing.

Healing Rooms will be a safe and confidential place where anyone and everyone can come and receive prayer and ministry through a compassionate, loving, team of Christians who believe that Jesus Christ, is the same today, as He has always been. We believe He still heals today and we believe we will see Him touch and heal broken lives in the Healing Rooms.

We would also see this as part of a strategy to not only heal those who are sick, but also important in healing the City. We, as a ministry believe strongly in accountability, being responsible to someone else for our lives and actions. It is always good to be in association with people and ministries that are stronger than you. Those above us can lift us up and we in turn can help those who need support. We will therefore be accountable to a number of the Leaders in the City.

The team consists of both men and women who come from different churches and different areas of Liverpool all have shown a commitment in their desire to see peoples lives changed by the Lord and to see transformation coming to our City. We will be working in the Community bringing hope and the love of Jesus.